Folder Session 6: Trends and Perspectives


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Guide to enhance reliability of the dose estimates in dismantling
By P. Fayolle, C. Rappet (EDF-CIDEN); F. Drouet, M. Michelet, C. Schieber, L. Vaillant (CEPN), France

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Use of IRS and OSMIR database – lessons learned
By H. Janžekovič, Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration, Slovenia

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Improvement and Renewal of Measurement Technologies of Individual Exposures in EDF Nuclear Installations
By G. Cordier, M. Gonin, B. Jeannin, E. Grude, C. Pauron, A. Riedel, N. Valendru (EDF), France

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New CZT Measurement Device - Comparison with EMECC Measurements in EDF PWRs
By A. Rocher (EDF-UNIE), M. Longeot, G. Ranchoux (EDF-SEPTEN), L. Pietrowski (EDF R&D), B. Jeannin (EDF-DPN), France