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Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 December 2013 09:59

For all ISOE Members

  • ALARA Training Course - 16-21 September, 2012 - Sweden
  • Detection of leakage rate between primary and secondary loop
  • Hot Spot Definition
  • Permanent shielding in PWR Containment Inquiry

For Utilities only

  • Control of Fuel Pond Horizontal Shielding Depth
  • Alarm set points for EPD used in emergency situations
  • Ag-110m source term from Control Rods
  • Software for estimation of a nuclear accident consequences
  • Beta Measurements
  • Alpha-spectrometry and fuel integrity
  • Non-Chlorine Ventilated Suits
  • Definition of a Radiation Hot Spot
  • Dose to the eye lens
  • Management of alpha contamination
  • Doserate measurement
  • Specific lead shielding
  • Calibration, verification and daily source check of Whole Body Counters
  • Rules for the use of protective respiratory devices
  • Wood in the RCA
  • Pressurizer replacement
  • Information about meteorological data
  • EPD alarm is too weak for noisy environments
  • Radiological impact on primary circuit (loops) after SGR
  • Fabric gloves
  • Electronic direct reading extremity dosimeters
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