Folder Monitoring & Dosimetry


pdf Ekerljung2018.ppt

Internal Dose Assessments at Forsmark NPP
L. Ekerljung, Forsmark NPP, Sweden
2018 ISOE European Symposium (Uppsala, Sweden)

pdf Bull2016.ppt

Air Sampling Programmes for Managing Internal Exposures: Review of Key Practical Issues
By G. A. Roberts, R. K. Bull, D. Spencer, Nuvia Ltd., UK
2016 ISOE International Symposium (Brussels, Belgium)

pdf Hunt2015.ppt

External and Internal Individual Monitoring of Occupationally Exposed Workers at CNAAA 1 and CNAAA 2 Nuclear Power Plants
By C. L. P. Mauricio, B. M. Dantas, J. Hunt (IRD), Brazil
2015 ISOE International Symposium (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)