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pdf Moser2018-2.ppt

LaSalle Unit 2 Source Term Reduction L2R16 and L2C17
J. Moser, LaSalle NPP, USA
Distinguished paper at 2018 Fort Lauderdale ISOE Symposium
Presented by M. Wakeley, LaSalle NPP, USA
2018 ISOE European Symposium (Uppsala, Sweden)

pdf Rocher2018.ppt

EDF’s Radiation Protection Strategy for an Optimized RHRS and CVCS Circuit Decontamination Plan
A. Rocher, J. Jaubert, EDF GPEX, France
2018 ISOE European Symposium (Uppsala, Sweden)

pdf Russell-R2017.ppt

Delay Coil Chemical Decon
By R. Russell, Catawba NPP, USA
2017 ISOE International Symposium (Fort Lauderdale, USA)

pdf Rocher2016.ppt

Elaboration of an Optimized Source Term Reduction Program for a 58 Reactors Fleet
By A. Rocher, M.-C. Benoit-Alet (EDF UNIE-GPRE), C. Dabat-Blondeau, F. Renard, B. Voisin (EDF UTO), France
2016 ISOE International Symposium (Brussels, Belgium)

pdf Basu2016.ppt

Decontamination and post-decon Passivation Treatment of the RRS Loops and RWCU System as a measure for Collective Dose Reduction and Recontamination Reduction at the NPP Cofrentes in Spain
By J. de Dios Sanchez Zapata (Cofrentes NPP, Spain), A. Basu (AREVA GmbH, Germany), M. A. Garcia Martinez (Cofrentes NPP, Spain), S. Hoffmann-Wankerl (AREVA GmbH, Germany)
2016 ISOE International Symposium (Brussels, Belgium)