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CANDU 6 Refurbishment and Optimization of Radiation Protection
By S. Alavi, J. Pequegnat, EACL, Canada
Distinguished Paper at the 2009 International ALARA Symposium (Vienna, Austria)

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Occupational Exposure in CANDU Nuclear Power Plant: Individual Dosimetry Program at Cernavoda NPP
By C. Chitu, V. Simionov, Cernavoda NPP, Romania

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Radiological Work Management at CNE Cernavoda NPP: Radiation Monitoring System (RMS)
By V. Simionov, S. Murgoci, C. Chitu, Cernavoda NPP, Romania

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Rezoning for Bruce Power CANDU Reactors
By C. Trahan, Bruce B NPP, Canada

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Characterization of Radiation Fields for Dose Reduction during Outages at Darlington Nuclear Station
By Y. Verzilov, A. Husain (Kinectrics Inc.), T. Wong (Darlington NPP), Canada