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Radiological Protection for the Angra 1 Steam Generator Replacement Outage
By M.A. do Amaral, M.J. do Oliveira, E. Minelli, W.A. Ferreira, Angra NPP, Brazil
Distinguished Paper at the 2009 International ALARA Symposium (Vienna, Austria)

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EPRI Radiation Management Program: Support of RP2020 Program
By D. Hussey, EPRI, USA

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Measures for the Reduction of Radiation Exposure at Higashidori Nuclear Power Station
By S. Ito, Tohoku Electric Power Co. Inc., Japan
Distinguished Paper at the 2008 International ALARA Symposium (Tsuruga, Japan)

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Radiological Event Feedback as a Tool of Dose Reduction at the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant: Results
By V. Kulich (Dukovany NPP), L. Urbancik (State Office for Nuclear Safety), Czech Republic

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Source-Term Reduction - Strategies for EDF PWRs
By G. Ranchoux (EDF/SEPTEN), S. Taunier , F. Gressier (EDF/CEIDRE), S. Leclercq (EDF R&D), F. Carrette , L. Guinard (EDF/SEPTEN), B. Jeannin (EDF-DPN), France