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ALARA Programs & Occupational Dose Trend in Wolsong Nuclear Power Plant
By K.Y. Choi, Wolsong NPP, Korea

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Summary Report of the EPRI Standard Radiation Monitoring Program
By D. Hussey, EPRI, USA

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Measures for containing an increase in pipes' dose-equivalent rate in the hydrogen-injected environment at the Shimane Nuclear Power Station Unit 1
By T. Minami, Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc., Japan

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Progress of the Zinc Injection in Tsuruga NPP Unit 2
By N. Nagata, H. Ichige, E. Kadoi, Japan Atomic Power Company / Y. Watanabe, Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc. / H. Ikoma, Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. / T. Semba, Shikoku Electric Power Co., Inc. / T. Hamaguchi, Shikoku Research Institute Inc. / Japan

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ALARA Activities at Ohi NPP
By A. Nakamura, Ohi NPP, Japan

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Introduction of the Decontamination Method Which Used the Blasting
By T. Ninomiya, Mitubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Kobe Shipyard & Machinery Works / F. Nakao, Nuclear Service Engineering Co, Ltd.

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Approach of Hitachi for Dose Rate Reduction
By N. Ota, N. Usui, M. Fuse, Power Systems, Hitachi Works, Hitachi, Ltd. / M. Nagase, Power and Industrial Systems R&D Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd. / Japan

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Improvement of TEPCO's ALARA process
By S. Takahira, A. Makihira, Radiation Protection Group, Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japan

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Occupational Exposure at Japanese Nuclear Power Plants in 2005
By S. Wada, JNES, Japan

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Onagawa NPS Dose Reduction
By K. Wada, Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc., Japan

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Our Decontamination technologies for NPSs
By T. Yotsuyanagi, TOSHIBA Corporation, Japan