Folder COVID-19 Survey | Impact of COVID-19 on RP Management in NPPs

The ISOE European Technical Centre (CEPN) is conducting a survey on the precautionary measures implemented by the nuclear utilities to reduce the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 coronavirus and their impact on radiation protection management and practices.

The answers are made available on this restricted area of the ISOE website according to the usual rules, i.e. available for all ISOE Members (Utilities and Authorities) or for Utilities only according to the decision of each responder.

If you would like to contribute, please Download the questionnaire  and send the document to the following address:


Folder Belgium - ENGIE Electrabel (all NPPs)
Folder China - Qinshan NPP
Folder Finland - Loviisa NPP
Folder Finland - Olkiluoto NPP
Folder France - EDF (all NPPs)
Folder Hungary - Paks NPP
Folder Japan - Hamaoka NPP
Folder Japan - Onagawa NPP & Higashidori NPP
Folder Japan - Tokai NPP
Folder Japan - Tsuruga NPP
Folder Netherlands - Borssele NPP
Folder Russian Federation - Rosenergoatom Concern (All plants)
Folder Slovenia - Krško NPP
Folder South Africa - Koeberg NPP
Folder Spain - Almaraz NPP
Folder Spain - Vandellòs NPP
Folder Sweden - Forsmark NPP
Folder Sweden - Ringhals NPP
Folder Switzerland - Beznau NPP
Folder Switzerland - Leibstadt NPP
Folder Switzerland - Mühleberg NPP
Folder United Kingdom - Sizewell B NPP
Folder USA - Hatch NPP
Folder USA - Kewaunee NPP