Folder ISOE Resources


Folder ISOE News

ISOE News publication is prepared by the joint ISOE Secretariat and the ISOE Technical Centre. The objective is to provide regularly information on the main activities of ISOE network, to be made available for a larger audience than the ISOE Members.

Folder ISOE Website Newsletter

 ISOE Website Newsletter provides the last information posted on the ISOE Website.

Folder ISOE Annual Reports

ISOE Annual Reports provide an overview of trends in occupational radiation protection at the reactors included in the ISOE database, as well as annual information regarding the ISOE programme and principal events in ISOE member countries.

Folder Annual Country Reports

Up to 2012, Annual Country Reports were integrated into Folder ISOE Annual Reports .

Starting from the year 2013, country reports are also published in a separated document.

Folder ISOE Information Sheets

The ISOE Information Sheets are studies performed by the ISOE technical centres.

Folder Working Group Reports

This section provides reports prepared and published by the ISOE Working Groups.