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pdf Miller2022.ppt

30th Anniversary of ISOE Program of Global Nuclear Utilities and Regulatory Agencies
B. Boyer, ISOE Chair, USA   presented by D. Miller (ISOE NATC, USA)
2022 ISOE International Symposium (Tours, France)

pdf Schieber2019.ppt

ISOE Information System on Occupational Exposure: General Presentation and highlight of key activities
C. Schieber, ISOE ETC - CEPN, France
2019 ISOE International Symposium (Beijing, China)

pdf DoAmaral2017.ppt

25th Anniversary of the Global ISOE System: from 1992 to 2017 and beyond
By M. do Amaral, ISOE Chair, Brazil
2017 ISOE International Symposium (Fort Lauderdale, USA)

pdf Hwang2016.ppt

ISOE Strategic Programme Plan (2016-2019)
By T.-W. Hwang, ISOE Chairman – KHNP, South Korea
2016 ISOE International Symposium (Brussels, Belgium)

pdf Rakhuba2016.ppt

ISOE Contributions to the Work of CRPPH: Past and Future
By A. Rakhuba (ISOE Joint Secretariat – OECD NEA), E. Lazo (OECD NEA)
2016 ISOE International Symposium (Brussels, Belgium)

pdf Okyar2015-2.ppt

ISOE Program - Expert Group Activities
By H. B. Okyar, OECD NEA, France
2015 ISOE International Symposium (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)