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pdf Breznik2022.ppt

ALARA in Repair of Reactor Vessel Flange Surface at Krško NPP
B. Breznik, Krško NPP, Slovenia
2022 ISOE International Symposium (Tours, France)

pdf Novak-Svoboda2022.ppt

Radiation protection measures during the steam generator heat transfer tubes cleaning at Dukovany NPP
J. Novak, R. Svoboda, Dukovany NPP, Czech Republic
2022 ISOE International Symposium (Tours, France)

pdf Peretti2022.ppt

Corium stabilization: a challenging Radiation Protection project
C. Peretti, EDF DIPDE, France
2022 ISOE International Symposium (Tours, France)

pdf Whyberd-Mills2022.ppt

ALARA Experience with PWR Thermal Sleeve Replacement at Sizewell B
G. Whyberd-Mills, R. Parlone, G. Renn, Sizewell B NPP, United Kingdom
Distinguished Paper at 2022 ISOE International Symposium (Tours, France)
2022 ISOE International Symposium (Tours, France)

pdf Bonnefon2021.ppt

Blayais NPP (France) Drain Pipe Event
J. Bonnefon, EDF DIPDE, France
2021 ISOE ETC Symposium (Virtual Symposium)

pdf Bonnefon2018.ppt

Spent Fuel Storage Rack Replacement
J. Bonnefon, P. Audry, F. Josse, G. Saulnier, E. Gas Nocera (EDF DIPDE, France), G. Sacre, B. Kopecky (REEL, France), C. Comas, D. Damelet (NUVIA, France)
2018 ISOE European Symposium (Uppsala, Sweden)

pdf Ferrigno2018.ppt

Uranium Miner Exposures “UMEX”
D. Chambers, Arcadis, Canada
2018 ISOE North-American Symposium (Fort Lauderdale, USA)

pdf Hernvall2015.ppt

ALARA Management Measures and Experience in Post Handling of Replaced Pressurizer from Ringhals 4
By E. Hernvall, T. Svedberg, Ringhals NPP, Sweden
Distinguished Paper at the 2014 ISOE European Symposium (Bern, Switzerland)