Folder RP Aspects of Plant Design Modifications


pdf Tian2019.ppt

Research of Occupational Exposure Dose Assessment for HPR1000
Y. Tian, China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd, China
2019 ISOE International Symposium (Beijing, China)

pdf J-Xiong2019.ppt

The Establishment and Application of Dedicated Dose Evaluation Models of HPR1000
J. Xiong, China Nuclear Power Design Co., Ltd (CNPDC), China
2019 ISOE International Symposium (Beijing, China)

pdf Kim2015-2.ppt

Considerations on Radiation Shielding Safety Review of High Density Storage Racks Additionally Installed in Spent Fuel Pools
By B. Kim, Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (KINS), South Korea
2015 ISOE Asian Symposium (Tokyo, Japan)