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pdf Moleiro2022.ppt

Impacts of Ag-110m on Radiation Field Generation: Review of an innovative experiment
E. Moleiro, A. Rocher (EDF UNIE-GPEX), T. Tribollet (Civaux NPP), France
2022 ISOE International Symposium (Tours, France)

pdf Johansson2016.ppt

Ringhals - Operational Experience on Silver and Antimony related to Doses
By M. Johansson, Ringhals NPP, Sweden
2016 ISOE International Symposium (Brussels, Belgium)

pdf Benfarah2015.ppt

EDF Feedback on the Management and the Treatment of Ag-110m Contamination
By M. Benfarah, EDF SEPTEN, France
Distinguished Paper at the 2015 ISOE International Symposium (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)