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Reduction methods of Cr and Co release from stainless steels in PWR and BWR
By H. Anada, Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd., Japan

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Evaluation of Updated Research on the Health Effects and Risks associated with Low Dose Ionizing Radiation
By L. Dauer, EPRI, USA

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TEPCO's Challenges for Occupational Exposure Reduction - Installation of Additional Condensate Pre-Filter in Fukushima-Daiichi NPP
By S. Hori, A. Suzuki, Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japan

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Dresden Nuclear Power Station Dose Reduction through Remote Control (replacement of steam dryers)
By Krause, USA

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Challenges of a Nuclear Renaissance
By the Honorable Peter B. Lyons, Commissioner,U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, USA

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Pt. Lepreau Refurbishment Project - Retube Overview
By C. Pritchard, Point Lepreau NPP, Canada