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ALARA Aspects of New NPP Construction in United Arab Emirates
By H. Al Katheeri, Federal Authority of Nuclear Regulation, United Arab Emirates

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Management of Severe Accident Worker Doses ISOE Expert Group Report In Progress
By E. Anderson, NEI, USA

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NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Discoveries & Use of Radioisotopes
By D. Chamberland, NASA - Kennedy Space Center, USA

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Radiation Protection Aspects of Isotopes Used in the Mars Curiosity Rover
By D. Chamberland, NASA - Kennedy Space Center, USA

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Update on ISOE Website and Database: New ISOE Database Features and Automated Dose Reports
By L. D'Ascenzo, CEPN, France

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Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station - 2012 ISOE World Class ALARA Performance Award Recipient
By R. Edington, Palo Verde NPP, USA

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EPRI Cobalt Sequestration Technology Chemistry
By L. Edwards, EPRI, USA

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Update on NRC Implementation Approaches and Schedule for New 10 CFR Part 20
By C. Flannery, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, USA

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NRC Update on ALARA Regulatory Activities
By S. Garry, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, USA

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Different Models of Russian VVER–1000 Reactors: Occupational Exposure Trends and Main Source-Term Reduction Efforts during the Planned Maintenance Works
By V. Glasunov, V. Potapov, Y. Yanchenko, VNIIAES, Russian Federation

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Corporate Radiation Protection Dose Excellence Plan
By W. Harris, Exelon Generation, USA

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Cook RWP/Work Order Optimization
By B. Hite, Cook NPP, USA

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Source Term Reduction Efforts at Ringhals PWR - Challenges and Successes
By M. Johansson, Ringhals NPP, Sweden

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2012 Calvert Cliffs Unit 1 Pressurizer Heater Replacement Project
By P. Jones, Calvert Cliffs NPP, USA
Distinguished Paper at the 2013 ISOE International Symposium (Fort Lauderdale, USA)

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Radiation Protection Challenges Returning Bruce A - Units 1 & 2 to Service
By D. E. Miller, Bruce Power, Canada

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Current Status of Fukushima and Chernobyl Benchmark Visit
By W. Mizumachi, JNES, Japan

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Lessons Learned from the Fukushima-Daiichi NPP's Accidents for Achievement of the First Class Safety in the world
By T. Narabayashi, Hokkaido University, Japan

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ISOE Programme Highlights
By H.B. Okyar, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, France

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RM – LLW – REP Overview
By D. Perkins, P. Tran, Billy Cox, K. Kim, D. Wells, EPRI, USA

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Susquehanna's Low Occupational Dose Achievements
By S. Peterkin, Susquehanna NPP, USA

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DAEC Torus Recoat Project-2012
By Robert L. Porter, Duane Arnold NPP, USA
Distinguished Paper at the 2013 ISOE International Symposium (Fort Lauderdale, USA)

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INPO / WANO Collective Radiation Exposure Observations & Recommendations
By K. Pushee, INPO, USA

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Lens of Eye Radiation Dose Limit: Possible Changes and Effects on Nuclear Power Plant Dosimetry and Protection Programs
By P. Tran, D. Quinn, L. Dauer, EPRI, USA

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Exelon’s Senior Management Focus to Achieve Excellence in Nuclear Fleet Operations
By A. Shahkarami, CEO Exelon Partners and Senior Vice President Common Generation

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Davis Besse Reactor Head Replacement
By M. Sidoti, Davis Besse NPP, USA

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The situation of individual dose management of the workers who engaged in emergency work in Fukushima-daiichi nuclear power station accident
By K. Sumiyoshi, Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japan

presented by T. Narabayashi, Hokkaido University, Japan

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Overview of Advances in Remote Technology
By P. Tran, EPRI, USA

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Dose Reduction Options for Refueling Tasks
By P. Tran, EPRI, USA

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Demonstration of Advanced 3D ALARA Planning Prototypes
By P. Tran (EPRI), W. Lehmbeck (Kewaunee NPP), USA

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Understanding Radiation Fields Through Electronic Dosimetry (Revised SRMP and BRAC Programs)
By D. M. Wells, EPRI, USA

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Managing PWR Shutdowns and Minimizing Radiation Fields
By D. M. Wells, EPRI, USA