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pdf Perkins2022.ppt

NextGen RP: Applying Remote and Automated Technologies to Enhance and Optimize Nuclear Power Plant Radiation Protection Operations
D. Perkins, K. Kim, P. Tran, D. Cool, EPRI, USA
2022 ISOE International Symposium (Tours, France)

pdf Xie2019.ppt

The Practices and Researches of HYH Plant Optimized Radiation Protection
W. Xie, Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., China
Distinguished Paper at 2019 ISOE International Symposium (Beijing, China)

pdf Zic2018.ppt

Radiation Protection and ALARA Program Highlights at Ontario Power Generation
J. Zic, Pickering NPP, Canada
Distinguished paper at 2017 Fort Lauderdale ISOE Symposium
2018 ISOE European Symposium (Uppsala, Sweden)

pdf McDougall2016.ppt

Pickering ALARA Program Highlights - Leveraging Technology for Dose Reduction
By K. McDougall, Pickering NPP, Canada
Distinguished Paper at the 2016 ISOE North-American Symposium (Fort Lauderdale, USA)