Folder Proceedings of the ISOE Symposia (by theme)

In addition to the usual ISOE symposium proceedings listed by year, a classification of the Symposium materials by theme is proposed here after.
The objective of this classification is to quickly retrieve papers by theme without going through all the proceedings, year by year, and considering that sometimes the presentation title does not represent the whole content of the paper.

The classification has been elaborated having in mind the usual thematic areas of oral or poster presentations. For this reason, it does not cover all the detailed aspects of RP in NPPs.

This classification is not definitive and it will evolve in time.
Please note that a presentation can be in several categories. 

Currently, the proceedings of the 13 following symposia are included in the classification: 

  • 2022: Tours (France)
  • 2021: ETC Symposium Webinar
  • 2019: Beijing (China)
  • 2018: Fort Lauderdale (USA), Uppsala (Sweden), Kyoto (Japan)
  • 2017: Fort Lauderdale (USA)
  • 2016: Fort Lauderdale (USA), Brussels (Belgium), Fukushima (Japan)
  • 2015: Fort Lauderdale (USA), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Tokyo (Japan)

Symposium materials from other years will be added soon.


Policy, Standards and Regulation


RP Management

Exposure Reduction Actions

Contamination/Radiation Monitoring

Source-Term Management

Job Experiences

Incident/Accident Management

Education and Training (E&T)

Waste Management

Plant Design

RP at Decommissioning stage

Research & Development (R&D) Studies

ISOE System